World Interaction Design Day has no central event — there are events celebrating interaction design and its impact in countries and communities around the globe.

2023 Locations

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World Interaction Design Day 2022: Fundamentals + Perspectives
Hong Kong, Hong Kong
4 speakers will share the current fundamentals of design practice and offer perspectives on how the nature of our work is changing.
World Interaction Design Day Budapest 2022
Budapest, Hungary
Vissza az alapokhoz, a lakótereinkhez! Három előadásban mutatjuk meg, hogy mi lehet a designer szerepe a közös tereink kialakításában.
Designing for the fundamentals of Web3
Redfern, Australia
In this session we'll be hearing from Helix's very own design capability lead, Sam Hancock.
Meet the Neighbors: ZoCo Design
Columbus, United States
What goes into building a strong UX team and culture? Are there principles, values, or rituals that help elevate a practice to meet its potential?
The Golden Trinity of Storytelling: the key to conscious design
Pittsburgh, United States
Jesse Carrey-Chan (he/him) is a queer cross-disciplinary artist, story consultant, and user experience designer working at the intersection of creativity and technology.
Design Quiz: Fundamentals and Perspectives
Chandigarh, India
A quiz focusing on the fundamentals of design‍
UX Discussion: Finding an Entry-Level UX Job
Atlanta, United States
We invite you to attend this event regardless of whether you can discuss these topics from personal experience or you're just looking for guidance from the UX community.
Importance of Storytelling for UX Designers
Cincinnati, United States
Telling a great story simplifies complex problems into digestible chunks.
World Interaction Design Day 2022
Houston, United States
A Speaker Event Happing in Houston, Texas. Featuring speakers from Magic Leap, Amazon, Google, and Home Depot.
世界互動設計日 2022 IxDD 本質 (Fundamentals) 與 觀點 (Perspectives)
Taipei, Taiwan
在探討本質與觀點時,我們想起了一本書:決定未來的10種人(The Ten Faces of Innovation)
AI and Neuroscience
Lausanne, Switzerland
We have the honour to host Facundo Almeyra & Cédric Madelaine from Mindmaze for the World Interaction Design Day.
Fundamentals & Perspectives
Berlin, Germany
Join us in celebrating IxDD 2022 with two extraordinary talks on the fundamentals and future perspectives of design.
Fundamentos del diseño de interacción desde la perspectiva latinoamericana
San José, Costa Rica
Este año celebramos de nuevo el Día Mundial del Diseño de Interacción con un evento híbrido

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