IxDD 2023 世界互動設計日: AI可以冷門但不能邪門 - 什麼是人類友善的 AI 遊樂場?AI can be niche but not unethical - What is a human-friendly AI playground?

Sep 26, 2023 7:30 PM
IxDA Taiwan
Taipei, Taiwan

2023年 IxDA世界互動設計日 以「倫理、公平、+責任」為主題,反思科技急遽發展。AI的崛起促使我們思考科技共處,提升人類生活,深化人際理解,創建融合不同思想和觀點的虛擬世界,實現多元互聯網環境。 古有分類械鬥,今有鍵盤鄉民,人只要在一起永遠吵不完。這是因為人類有許多的堅持,各自活在自己的世界,AI 進入公共領域之後,是否有機會縫合彼此的差異,共同協作出理想的未來?本次討論將以不同真實故事,分享去中心生成式 AI 工具、AI 民主化、集體智慧與群眾協作的「多元宇宙」精神。

The IxDA World Interaction Design Day 2023 focuses on the themes of "Ethics, Equity, + Responsibility", reflecting on the rapid development of technology. The rise of AI prompts us to consider how technology coexists, enhances human life, deepens interpersonal understanding, and creates a virtual world that integrates diverse thoughts and perspectives, realizing a diverse interconnected web environment. In ancient times, there were machine battles, and today we have keyboard netizens. When people come together, there's always an endless debate. This is because humans have many standpoints, each living in their own worlds. As AI enters the public domain, is there an opportunity to bridge these differences and collaboratively shape an ideal future? This discussion will share real stories, focusing on decentralized generative AI tools, democratization of AI, collective intelligence, and the spirit of "Metaverse" in crowd collaboration.

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