IxDD 23: Ethics, Equity, + Responsibility

Sep 26, 2023 6:00 PM
JetBrains N.V.,
Amsterdam, Nederland

We're inviting you to celebrate IxDD 23 with AmsterdamUX! We've brought 3 amazing short-form talks together that fit into this theme:

  1. Creating sparks in accessibility your organization as a designer by Chee Ching, Senior Designer at Rabobank
    Digital accessibility is a topic that has been gaining traction, but not every organisation has put it as a priority yet. As designers, we are advocates for our users, and we can play an important role in putting the topic on the table. In her talk, Chee will share her journey of making digital accessibility a priority in Rabobank via storytelling and collaborations. She will also share learnings on how you can make it happen in your own organisation.
  2. Empathy: The other side of the coin by Gabriela Aguirrezabal, Freelance Strategic and Social Designer at Better Social Design
    Gabriela will share with us the gains, tensions and pitfalls of UX research and design in the social domain and how we can guard ourselves against the user’s pain and frustration without losing the power of empathizing. You will be equipped with recommendations on taking care of your users, yourself, your team and your process to get the most valuable insights and really create something relevant.
    ⚠️ One of the examples used in this presentation is a project for 113, the suicide prevention line. ⚠️
  3. Sustainability and digital waste. The ethics of designing the services of the future by Irina Damascan, Senior Service Designer at IKEA and Laurent Mondoloni, Interaction/Concept designer at IKEA
    In a world where new digital assets are created all the time with no specific principles of usage, we need to rethink the production the same way we thought about manufacturing during the industrialization and add and “label” design to understand how the digital production impacts the environment. With Irina and Laurent, we will explore the principles and inner mechanics of creating new services and products with a positive impact and sustainable in terms of digital waste for better people and planet.

Watch the session:

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