Dissecting Design: Who Are We Disrupting?

Sep 26, 2023 5:30 PM
Ideate Innovation
Daftarkhwan Downtown,
Lahore, Pakistan

Join us for a special episode of the "Dissecting Design" series by Ideate Innovation, celebrating World Interaction Design Day. This year's IxDD themes include: Ethics in Design, Designing for Accessibility, Inclusive and Responsible Design, and Anti-Capitalist Design. In this exclusive event taking place at Daftarkhwan Downtown in Lahore, Pakistan on the 26th of September, we invite you to a thought-provoking talk that revolves around the central question: "What About the Disrupted?" Join us for an evening of reflection and dialogue as we contemplate the role of designers in shaping a more ethical, accessible, inclusive, and responsible world through design. Be a part of this conversation and help us redefine the boundaries of design!

All health and safety protocols for an in-person event are being followed, the event is being hosted at the coworking space Daftarkhwan.

Watch the session:

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