The UX Book Club Book: Exploring Future Ethics with Cennydd Bowles

Sep 26, 2023 9:00 AM
The UX Book Club Book
Dublin, Ireland

The UX Book Club collaborates with IXDD World Interaction Design Day on September 26, 2023, where we are thrilled to announce our guest speaker, Cennydd Bowles, a renowned authority on ethics and technology, and the author of "Future Ethics." Through a blend of philosophy, technology insights, and incisive social critique, Bowles encourages us to confront the crucial decisions that shape our collective future. Together, we will delve into the complexities of AI, automation, privacy, and other pressing topics in the UX Book Club virtual event.  

The UX Book Club welcomes anyone who seeks to expand their knowledge, learn together, network, and gain confidence in professional discussions. Join our community and be part of the journey toward a more informed, inclusive and ethical future.

Watch the session:

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