Past Events

World Interaction Design Day has no central event — there are events celebrating interaction design and its impact in countries and communities around the globe.

We marked World Interaction Design Day 2023 by exploring the themes of Ethics, Equity, and Responsibility.

2023 Locations

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'NUKKAD NATAK: Showcasing KALA ANGAAN - An Inclusive & Equitable Mobile Application for Local Artisans'
Jaipur, India
The event is a field workshop in the form of 'Nukkad Natak' that intents to engage local artisans (Pottery, Jewellary, Hand-craft, etc.) of Rajasthan State of India and make them aware of the possibilities and opportunities that can be created for them in the digital world
World Interaction Design Day
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Nos volvemos a encontrar. Se centra en la necesidad de considerar el impacto del diseño en la sociedad y que su trabajo cree un resultado que sea equitativo y responsable, todo al servicio de promover la misión de IxDA: mejorar la condición humana mediante el avance de la práctica del Diseño de Interacción.
Panel Discussion – Ethical, equitable and responsible practice in a trans-discipllinary context
Pretoria, South Africa
A panel discussion with leaders in the fields of integrated communication design, commercial photography and motion picture production on how creatives should embed the important values of ethics, equity and responsibility in their practice.
IxDD - Dia Mundial do Design de Interação 2023
Florianópolis, Brazil
Este é um dia global de troca de conhecimentos, onde a comunidade de design se reúne para compartilhar aprendizados e discutir temas relevantes sobre a profissão de design de interação.
World Interaction Design Day: Ética, Equidade + Responsabilidade
Goiânia, Brazil
O Dia Mundial do Design de Interação é um evento anual em que nos reunimos como uma comunidade global unida para mostrar como o design de interação melhora a condição humana.
Designing Sustainable Experiences
Hamburg, Germany
Der UX Roundtable HH kommt in Präsenz mit zwei Experten aus Hamburg und Wien zum Thema "Designing Sustainable Experiences" zusammen.
Interaction Design Day — discussing ethics and responsibility
London, United Kingdom
We all want to be more responsible, ethical, and equitable in our design decisions, but it’s often hard to find the time or mutual support to develop these ideas.
Dissecting Design: Who Are We Disrupting?
Lahore, Pakistan
Join us for a special episode of the "Dissecting Design" series by Ideate Innovation, celebrating World Interaction Design Day.
IxDD 23: Ethics, Equity, + Responsibility
Amsterdam, Nederland
We're inviting you to celebrate IxDD 23 with AmsterdamUX! We've brought 3 amazing short-form talks together that fit into this year's theme.
Design Journey from a Novice to Leader
Utrecht, Nederland
As designers, when we dare to imagine a brighter future and work diligently to realize it, we inevitably encounter obstacles, resistance, and moments of frustration.
Design(er) Ethics
Budapest, Hungary
In line with this year's theme of World Interaction Design Day (IxDD), we will be joined by our guests for lightning talks and a discussion on the impact of design on society, and the possibilities for practising the profession in a fair and responsible way.
World Interaction Design Day with UX Speakeasy
San Diego, United States
Elevate your UX game this World Interaction Design Day!Join us at Protector Brewery in Miramar, San Diego, for an exclusive networking event by UX Speakeasy.
Sin trampa: Juego x Diseño
San Jose, Costa Rica
Este año celebraremos el día mundial del diseño de interacción en un entorno más íntimo y con un nuevo formato. Tendremos materiales presenciales y en digital sobre la ética, la equidad y la responsabilidad (el tema de este año), en el contexto del juego y su intersección con los avances tecnológicos e innovaciones.
Preparando mi futuro como discapacitado
Cali, Colombia
El Día Mundial del Diseño de la Interacción (#IxDD) es el evento anual de IxDA en el que nos reunimos como una comunidad global unida para mostrar cómo el diseño de la interacción mejora la condición humana.
IxDD 2023 世界互動設計日: AI可以冷門但不能邪門 - 什麼是人類友善的 AI 遊樂場?AI can be niche but not unethical - What is a human-friendly AI playground?
Taipei, Taiwan
The IxDA World Interaction Design Day 2023 focuses on the themes of "Ethics, Equity, + Responsibility", reflecting on the rapid development of technology.
IxDD 23 – Ethics, Equity + Responsibility Ahmedabad
Ahmedabad, India
Three speakers giving a talk on Ethics, Equity + Responsibility. General Theory of Responsible Design, Technology Addiction & The Psychology of Engagement, Designing with AI: The Ethical Challenges.
IxDD 2023 Meetup
Chandigarh, India
A group of professionals from Design and Tech will get together to discuss the recent developments in AI and its ethical implications.
World Interaction Design Day Nantes
Nantes, France
IxDA Nantes et Onepoint vous accueilleront le 26 septembre de 18h à 20h chez onepoint Nantes pour deux tables rondes dans le cadre de la World Interaction Design Day (IXDD) 2023.
Future proofing your career
Calgary, Canada
This Calgary UX online event will bring Designers working on cutting-edge technology so they can share their perspectives
Ethics and Design: A Practical Guide
Columbus, United States
Celebrate World Interaction Design Day one day later (Wednesday, 27 September) with IxDA Columbus. Guthrie Weinschenk will present the difference between nudges, mandates, coercions and manipulations.
IxDA Helsinki x Taiste: Perspectives on UX Writing
Helsinki, Finland
Join IxDA Helsinki and Taiste for an evening of timely talks and friendly banter on World Interaction Design Day 2023! This event’s theme is UX Writing.
Ética y Responsabilidad en el Diseño
Bogota, Colombia
En conmemoración del Día Mundial del Diseño de Interacción (IXDD), les invitamos a unirse a nosotros para un evento especial centrado en la ética y la responsabilidad en el ámbito del diseño.
Designing for Inclusion: Creating Accessible Color Palettes using OKLCH
Pittsburgh, United States
Join us in celebrating IxDD by learning about a new color space called OKLCH and how it can be used to improve color accessibility.
Inclusive Design: Transforming Experiences with Ethics, Equity & Responsibility at the Core
Toronto, Canada
The objective of this panel discussion is to shed light on the importance of inclusivity in interaction design, with a focus on creating designs that are accessible and suitable for all users.
PDX (interaction) Design Book Club
Portland, United States
We'll be diving into a powerful book, Recoding America: Why Government Is Failing in the Digital Age and How We Can Do Better from Jen Pahlka, which will surely provide a lot of fodder for insightful discussion.
World Interaction Design Day 2023 - Milan &Turin - meetup & aperitivo
Milan, Italy
On 26 September, the Interaction Design community across the globe come together as a united global community to showcase the diverse ways interaction design impacts our everyday life with the celebration of World Interaction Design Day.
World Interaction Design Day: An Introspective Panel Discussion on AI
Cincinnati, United States
There is buzz about AI just about everywhere, and it can be daunting to think about how to approach it in our roles as designers, as well as within our companies.
IxDD 23 – Ethics, Equity + Responsibility
Sydney, Australia
IxDA Sydney & SydDT are pleased to be contributing to this important dialogue around ethics, equity, + responsibility.
World Interaction Design Day ATL IxDA
Atlanta, United States
Please join ATL IxDA for World Interaction Design Day! Tuesday September 26th at 6pm at the mid-town Honeywell office.
World Interaction Design Day @ Wheaton College
Norton, United States
Wheaton alumni designers Michele L’Heureux and Boon Sheridan will be on campus September 26 to celebrate World Interaction Design Day.
Design for Good Tech with AI: Navigating for Ethics, Equity,+Responsibility
Guadalajara, Mexico
Hey there! Get ready for an amazing event "Design for Good Tech with AI: Navigating for Ethics, Equity,+Responsibility", brought to you by IxDA Guadalajara.
World Interaction Design Day 2023: Ethics, Equity,+Responsibility @liip
Lausanne, Switzerland
This year’s theme encompasses areas such as ethics in design, designing for accessibility, inclusive and responsible design, and anti-capitalist design.
World Interaction Design Day Mongolia 2023
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Introducing the inaugural Interaction Design Event in Mongolia! UXER Publishing, known for its comprehensive Interaction Design Books and cutting-edge courses on UX Design and Psychology
IxDD 2023 Singapore
Singapore, Singapore
World Interaction Design Day (IxDD) is BACK again! This time, in-person and one of the design community programme of Singapore Design Week 2023.
Stories of Sustainability - Ethics, Equity + Responsibility
Brussels, Belgium
The IxDA Brussels group is meeting at 6pm to talk about Ethics, Equity and Responsibility by bringing the lens of Sustainability, offering the role of thematic connector.
World Interaction Design Day 2023: Ethics, Equity,+ Responsibility
Port Harcourt, Nigeria
This year’s theme encompasses areas such as ethics in design, designing for accessibility, inclusive and responsible design, and anti-capitalist design.
The UX Book Club Book: Exploring Future Ethics with Cennydd Bowles
Dublin, Ireland
The UX Book Club collaborates with IXDD World Interaction Design Day on September 26, 2023, where we are thrilled to announce our guest speaker, Cennydd Bowles, a renowned authority on ethics and technology, and the author of "Future Ethics."

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